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Claudette Pelletier-Hannah


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  • Acrylic
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Moss and Moisture
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Endless Garden
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Drama Queens
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Chocolate Sundae

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Wholly Hannah! Paintings
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T5T 0R2


Artist Biography
Growing up in Saskatchewan primed Claudette Pelletier-Hannah to appreciate the prairies, big skies, sloughs and ditches that she observed driving back and forth from Edmonton. It was an education in graphic design that brought her here. Many years employed as a designer taught her a lot about composition and serving the client, but she never felt like a real artist until she learned to paint to satisfy herself, starting in 2013. Her first teacher, Sharon Moore Foster, encouraged boldness in mark-making and overall approach, which she embodies today.
Moore-Foster, encouraged Pelletier-Hannah to exhibit at VASA very early into her learning and has since exhibited at: Foursome First (a four women show at Rio Terrace Community League), Whyte Avenue Artwalk, Strathearn Artwalk, and Connections (a ten women show at Art Society of Strathcona County) and Night of Artists in St. Albert.
Claudette Pelletier-Hannah has also painted with Izabella Orzelski Konikowski, attended Red Deer College Series Summer Art School with David Shkolny, St. Albert Painters Guild workshops with: Sharon Moore Foster, Karen Bishop, Justina Smith and Samantha Williams-Chapelsky.
Artist Statement
In Claudette Pelletier-Hannah’s work you will see many layers of mark making, creating movement in an impressionistic style. Her work is typically expressive with liberal use of color. Claudette is influenced by a number of factors, including: travel, other artists, teachers and her first career as a graphic designer. She works from her own photographs, which might be taken from a moving car. Drawn to anything that grows, she often creates tight, dramatic compositions, painting landscapes, florals and some abstracts.
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