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Lorraine Bérubé


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  • Watercolour
  • Acrylic
  • Coloured Pencil
Paintings 1 -
Title 1 -
Sunflowers 🌻 Sharing Their Energy - Watercolour pencils and Pen/Ink
Painting 2 -
Title 2 -
Lilac Spring Buds Pen and Ink
Painting 3 -
Title 3 -
Baby Raccoon - Watercolour pencils
Painting 4 -
Title 4 -
Chameleon II - Watercolour pencils
Painting 5 -
Title 5 -
Hoppies - Pencil crayons

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Art in the Open June 19, 2021


Artist Statement
From a very young age I had always shown artistic interest. After my private lessons I met then later married and had a family. I would go thru 7 year pitches, paint for a while another 7 years, hit repeat. Once the kids were grown and retired I seriously started painting again and sticking up new interests and a new found passion. I keep improving with each new piece. I can't wait to learn from my peers and share with them as well.
Art Instruction Experience
6 years private lessons with Evelyn Friesen in Winnipeg, rest is self taught as well as workshops.
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