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Elaine Mulder has been passionate about art and design all her life.  Even as a child, Elaine attended art and design courses at the Edmonton Art Gallery and continued her training during high school.  She furthered her career by completing NAIT architecture and interior design technology program and then pursuing fine arts at University of Alberta.  Elaine also attended many summer and extension courses at  universities, colleges,  and City of Edmonton.  Her interest in all forms of art and design kept her forever researching, and learning.

In 2016, after working over 30 years in commercial and residential interior design, Elaine decided to pursue a long buried dream of creating art. Although this creative talent has been in all her work, Elaine wanted to focus her main energy in painting and sculpting, exploring her own unique expressions and techniques.

With Elaine’s experience in pastels, sculpture, watercolour, acrylic, and oil painting and her extensive knowledge on building materials and construction, Elaine has taken her art to a new level – often taking leftover discarded materials and reusing them in her sculptures and paintings.  Using mixed media, and a diverse array of materials has led to the creation of unique sculptural paintings possessing a 3 dimensional effect with radical textures.

Elaine is inspired by what she sees, feels, and hears. She prefers to do a majority of her work on location whenever possible, attempting to captivate the sensations, inspirations, the mood of the location and the movements of life.
Artist Statement
My Art is a response to the wonder and awe of creation, an expression of personal experiences, connection with people, and insight. It is an inner reflection of my struggles, joys, thoughts and feelings.  The works are ever changing and evolving as I interact with what I see, touch, hear and smell around me .It is a collaboration of senses singing together that trigger me to absorb, interpret and convey to others.
My works are sculptural paintings stimulating the senses and captivating the viewer to want to touch and feel – to evoke an experience of being in the life and capture the movement of the painting.
Art Instruction Experience
U of A extension course on interior design.
Families Living Well Society - paint nights for Single Parents focussed on using art as a way of healing.
Children's art programs
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