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Brian Doran


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  • Watercolour
  • Drawing Media
Paintings 1 -
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Swimming Polar Bear
Painting 2 -
Title 2 -
Golden Girl of Zadar
Painting 3 -
Title 3 -
Haida Gwaii canoeists
Painting 4 -
Title 4 -
Alone on the beach
Painting 5 -
Title 5 -
To the sacred place -Mount Thor

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780 458 6271
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Mixed per availablity
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T8N 6C3


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Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta . St Albert resident since 1978 . Officially recognized as Métis . Took art lessons as a child for 3 years at the old Edmonton Art Gallery . Took up watercolour painting after two beginner art classes at VASA in 2015 and then self taught thereafter .
Artist Statement
My statement about art is summed up as follows . “it’s all about the light “ . The sky and all it’s subtleties is all important to me because it sets the mood of the painting .
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