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  • Watercolour
  • Acrylic
  • Gouache
  • Mixed Media
  • Coloured Pencil
  • Printmaking
  • Drawing Media
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Road Trip in Sturgeon County
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Prairie Afternoon
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Gardenscape for Les

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VASA - Studio 10
Art on the Open - June 19, St. Albert Painters' Guild, 66 Fair Oaks Drive
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St. Albert

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Studio 66: Studio 10, VASA
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780 459 7886: 780 993-9753
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66 Fair Oaks Drive
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25 sir Winston Churchill Ave., St. Albert
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T8N 1R1


  • BFA
Artist Biography
Earning a BFA from the U. of a. was the beginning of my Art Education. Since that time, I have taken many courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, batik and computer. One summer, I learned welding to create small sculptural forms. Every exposure to a new medium or other artists becomes inspiration to explore in new directions.
I have had the pleasure to teach art to many different groups ranging from children's Saturday morning classes to Adult watercolour and drawing classes. More recently, I taught the Art programs at a large Edmonton High School and had the experience of being Department Head of Fine Arts, International Languages and Career and Technology Studies at the same time. Each day was a new adventure.
Artist Statement
Whenever I vist a new area, I need to become familiar with the area through its forests and parks. I am comfortable wandering through the trees, studying the effects of light and environmental conditions. The images, sounds and tactile experiences make an impression. Sometimes, I sketch but mostly I use all of my senses in the shapes, negative spaces, textures, colours, sounds and smells. This winter, I have started painting these observations in acrylic beginning with realism and gradually simplifying the forms and playing with colour and composition to create strong compositions.
Art Instruction Experience
Painting, Drawing Instructor - City of St. Albert
Art Instructor for Adults - Metro High School
Art Instructor - Edmonton High School
VASA- Co-ordination & Instructor - Authentic Art
- a visual Art program for Adults with Developmental
Adjudication Experience
Department Head - Fine Arts, International Languages, CTS - Edmonton Public Schools
2001 - 2011
Judge - County Fairs - Fine Arts and Photography
Executive - St. Albert Painter's Guild
VASA Board Member
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