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Fogged In Douglas Fir
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Kayaking On The Sturgeon
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Walkingstick Iris
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Cox Bay Beach
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The Ranch in Winter

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Creating Beauty, Faculty of Extension, Feb/March 2021
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St Albert

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Cheryl Moskaluk Art
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25 Lorraine Cr.
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St Albert
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T8N 2R4


Artist Biography
I am an artist who loves to focus on the natural world. I love to explore my strong sense of place and my connection to plants and their perfect placement in the landscape. I began formal training in the visual arts in my 40s, but the passion to continue to work in watercolors, oils and the drawing media, is constantly fed by encounters in nature, past and present.

I grew up in the northern Alberta boreal forest. One day, in an effort to share my experiential knowledge for a junior high school biology assignment, I simply lopped of a slice of rotting tree stump from a hike on our river flat forest floor and made a terrarium out of it. I wrote of all the mosses, lichens and tiny plants that were starting from the life of a long-gone spruce tree. That huge tree had been cut 40 years previously to build the log cabin house that our young family had purchased in the ‘60s from the pioneer homesteaders who built it in 1939.

Today I also roam the southern Alberta foothills, local streams, paths and prairies, and urban greenhouses in equal parts, trying to keep that connection always alive.

The paintings that result are from a desire to express wonder, sometimes at the intricate structure of plants, their forms caught in sunlight, or other times at the grandeur of the wider landscape with its golden groves of aspens, a distant mountain range, a lush green valley.

I continue to work from my home studio in St. Albert but love to sketch, photograph and paint outside as well.
Artist Statement
I create light-filled watercolor paintings of Alberta landscapes and native plants so that my viewers will be inspired to take a second look at the beauty that surrounds us. I am a gardener and a hiker by upbringing and by passion. Some of my work has a botanical focus, whether the subject is domestically cultivated or found in our beautiful wild Alberta places, or on my travels.
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