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Selected works - In memory of Bob Borreson (6)

Created on: 25 Jul 2014
As a drummer-vocalist in a local blues band a number of years ago, I discovered energy, solace and inspiration in the music of John Lee Hooker, Van Morrison and Jonny Lang, and other blues artists, evident in the portraits of my friend Bob Borreson, who former Alberta NDP leader Ray Martin named "the best MLA Alberta never had."

The motivation to paint the portraits occurred one morning when Bob arrived at my door wearing sun glasses and a fedora, prior to heading off for a walk on the local trails. Bob’s uncanny resemblance to my charcoal portrait of John Lee Hooker prompted me to photograph Bob from which later developed a series of portraits, juxtaposing “The Healer” - the all-time, best-selling blues album - and Bob, a healer in his own right.

Bob’s insights into the human condition and his willingness to serve others selflessly, evident in his many years of service working with and for the destitute, the needy and the abandoned in this province, and in his long-standing commitment to a humanitarian cause, speak of his indefatigable will to bring about the kind of change that exemplifies courage, perseverance and benevolence. On his walks Bob carried a plastic bag to collect discarded plastic bottles and pop cans to support Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) - Bob's annual contributions to CPAR have helped to purchase four goats that provide milk and cheese for African villagers.

Both inspired and inspiring, Bob remains an example of faith, hope and love in this World.

Three of the original acrylic portraits were first exhibited at the Bookstore on Perron in St. Albert during the month of July, 2014. Bob passed away unexpectedly on a sunny afternoon, August 30, 2014. He is greatly missed by his loving family and many admiring friends.
  • Andrew Raczynski, Blues Man Bob, acrylic, 20"X16"
  • Andrew Raczynski, Bon Accord Bob, acrylic, 20"X16"
  • Andrew Raczynski, Cosmopolitan Bob, acrylic, 2o"X16"
  • Andrew Raczynski, Healer Bob, acrylic, 20"X16"
  • Andrew Raczynski, Peacemaker Bob, w/c, 8"X5"
  • Andrew Raczynski, The Healer - John Lee Hooker, charcoal, 17.5"X12"
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