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Tom Steele


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Painting Media
  • Acrylic
  • Mixed Media
Paintings 1 -
Title 1 -
Autumn Reflections 36x60, acrylic
Painting 2 -
Title 2 -
A New Day 36x60 acrylic
Painting 3 -
Title 3 -
Autumn on Athabasca Falls, 36x60 acrylic
Painting 4 -
Title 4 -
Reflections in the Shadows 24x40 acrylic
Painting 5 -
Title 5 -
First Snow Spring Creek Canmore, 24x44 acrylic

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Upcoming Shows
Now showing June 2019 at The Bookstore on Perron

Numerous works upstairs St Albert Curling Club lounge; and at Proven Financial Services, Edmonton, Alberta
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FaceBook: tomsteeleartist


Artist Biography
I was born in Rosetown,
Saskatchewan. Sketching, drawing and painting were always my hobby. I have
been a member of various local
Alberta art clubs and am presently
a member of the St Albert Painters
Guild. Since my retirement from veterinary medicine in 2006, I have been actively painting, showing and selling my artwork.
Artist Statement
Over the years, my landscape
paintings have been evolving in
color and composition. I try to
use the simplified shapes and the
intense colors I see in nature and
seek ways to combine these into my
compositions. My artworks have
become not only a journey in
technique and media usage, but
also a search to create a feeling
and capture the light of the day.

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