St. Albert Painters Guild


All guild members are expected to volunteer their time in support of the functioning of the guild and its endeavours. The organization’s success is based on the participation of all members. Existing volunteer positions are listed the guild for more information about the duties to be performed in a volunteer position or within a committee. 



The Executive is elected at the AGM in June and attend monthly executive meetings. The duties of the Executive are prescribed by the By-Laws and are described in the Executive Job Description document. Generally speaking, their role is to take care of the general running of the SAPG, making sure that the Fall and Spring Shows have enough volunteers and run smoothly and that the goals of the guild’s Mission Statement are carried out. 

  • President
  • 1st Vice-President
  • 2nd Vice-President
  • Past President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Director


Committees are typically groups of 2 or more volunteers who meet as needed to discuss, plan and implement the work covered by the committee. Committee Chairs run committee meetings and are designated by the committee members. Committees report to the Executive and solicit the general membership for volunteers as needed for shows, events, etc..

  • Art in the Open
  • Artwalk
  • Casino Fundraising
  • Enrichment
  • Grant Application
  • Guild Resource Library
  • History
  • Nominations
  • Outside Venues
  • Policy & Bylaws
  • Publicity
  • Social Events
  • Website
  • Workshop


Individual positions are typically done independent of committees on an as-needed on-going basis.

  • Computer Data Entry
  • Meeting Clean-Up
  • Meeting Set-Up
  • Membership Applications
  • New Member Mentors
  • SAPVAC Representative
  • Team Leader (SAPG Fall/Spring Shows)

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