St. Albert Painters Guild

A Floral Portrait - Acrylic or Oil

  • 21 Jan 2018
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Painter's Studio - St. Albert Place
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Acrylic or Oil: A Floral Portrait
with Oksana Zhelisko

Flowers and women are wonderful and beautiful subjects to paint. There are many great techniques that you can use to capture their beauty. In this one-day class we shall combine the beauty of both subjects into one image, using alla-prima technique (done in one sitting). We shall be working from the same reference image of a beautiful woman, but you will be able to choose your own flower(s)to capture a stunning flower portrait. Think about flower names — Jasmine, Rose, Flora, Daisy, Iris —and take your inspiration from them. The instructor will illustrate the technical and expressive aspects of oil/acrylic portrait painting by doing a demo and showing examples of her own work.

Student brings: Paints, Acrylic or Oil:

Titanium White Raw Sienna Cerulean Blue Hue Cadmium Yellow Medium/Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue Sap Green/Sap Green Hue Alizarin Permanent Napthol Red/Naphthol Red Medium Hue Ultramarine Violet

Oil only: Gamblin Radiant Red, Asphaltum

Support: Stretched canvas 12"x12” or 12”x16” Brushes: (based on Princeton): #2, #4, #8 #14 (filbert), liner brush #1. Bring all the brushes that you already have.

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