St. Albert Painters Guild

Still Life Workshop with Oksana Zhelisko

  • 22 Sep 2018
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Painter's Studio - St. Albert Place
  • 4


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Still Life Workshop
with Oksana Zhelisko

Students should bring a small clear vase and flowers of their choice.

Acrylic painters are welcome with the similar colour palette and brush sizes (synthetic for acrylic paint) Stay-wet palette is recommended. 

Emotion is the key to a successful painting. You want your paintings to be a form of visual poetry, rather than a simple observation of the subject. You want your viewers to experience your emotional response to the subject. There are several brush techniques that can help you to achieve those goals. In this one day workshop Oksana Zhelisko will show you how to turn an ordinary still-life objects into a Luminous Life story by using different brush techniques, and by choosing vibrant transparent and opaque colours.

You will create one floral  painting from live studies. Oksana will help you to set up the still-life. She will assist you in composing your works, and show you how to bring new liveliness to your painting. Life should be Luminous, so let's have some fun!


Oil paints based on Gamblin colours (Gamblin 1980 or Artists Oils): Titanium White      Transparent Orange     Napthol Scarlet     Quinacridone Magenta    Alizarin Permanent     Radiant Blue     Payne’s Grey      Hansa Yellow Light     Green Gold     Sap Green   Cadmium Yellow Deep

Oil medium: Galkyd Lite

Supports: your choice: 8x8” or 10x10” stretched canvas 

Brushes:   Princeton Bristle Filberts #2, #8, & #14; synthetic brush 0.1 (very small) for details

Bring your own brushes, too!

Other supplies:    Palette (wood, plastic, or glass)

Tabletop easel

You may also wish to bring a few soft cloths for brush cleaning, suitable art clothes, hand/tea towel, notepad, snack, & drink.

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