St. Albert Painters Guild

Courageous Journaling With Sally Towers-Sybblis

  • 19 Jan 2019
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Painter's Studio - St. Albert Place
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Courageous Journaling

with Sally Towers-Sybblis

Unleash your creative potential by surrendering to the process of courageous journaling without inhibition. This class is great for anyone wanting to break through their creative blocks. Discover an assortment of journaling backgrounds, all of which will be used to create a series of fantastic journal pages. Learn to let go and let intuition create your page. Included will be funky lettering, collage, borders and various doodling techniques to enhance your journal pages. No experience is required to take this class.

What is it?

Courageous journaling is a type of journaling where you discover your inner creative voice through the process of creating a variety of journal pages.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to expand their creative capacity.

Why you should try it?

The process of creating without inhibition can enhance many of your creative projects. It is also about learning to live in the moment. This behavior can transcend into other areas of your life.


There are a few basic steps to remember as you go through your projects. They are as follows:

     Focus on the process, not the outcome.

     Don't judge your work. Creativity and judgement cannot coexist.

     Let go and take the plunge! It's only paper! Be fearless.

     Get into a creative flow where you are moving freely around your page WITHOUT planning.

     Be open to any events that lead you in directions you wouldn't necessarily choose. This is a good thing! You are listening to your intuition.

     Allow failure. In failure, there is information.

     Live in the wisdom of uncertainty.

     Intend for it to work out and it will.

     Emotionally detach from your project.

     Commit to follow through and finish your page. You will gather information by doing this!

     Go easy on yourself!

Supply List

1 Pencil
1 Eraser
1 Sharpener
1 Scissors
1 Ruler
1 large Uhu Glue Stick
1 Ultra Fine Point Black Sharpie
1 Black Sakura Brand Micron Pigma Pen Size 01

A White Gel Pen
1- 1.5-2” Wash Brush or similar

1 #10 Round Brush
1 #4 Round Brush
One sheet 8.5x11” black card stock

3 sheets of mixed media paper (9x12” or similar) I use Canson brand mixed media paper. It comes in a blue spiral bound book from Michaels.

A Strathmore visual journal

Paint palette

Your medium of choice: ie. Watercolors, acrylics or inks. We will need to water down the acrylics to work with them. Bring colors you like to work with.

A small container of black and white gesso. (Or acrylic paint in black and white. I use the inexpensive Craft Smart brand paint from Michaels. It's less than $2/bottle)

Water Container
3 Sheets of printer paper
A few magazines to collage with (one that has faces)

Optional Supplies:

Any stamps, punches, special pens, ribbons or other embellishments you may like to add to your journal.

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