St. Albert Painters Guild

Country Craft Fair

  • 17 Nov 2012
  • 18 Nov 2012
  • St Albert Place

Thurs. Nov. 15 will be take-in of product (1-7 pm), followed by set-up of product (7-10).

Friday Nov. 16 other guilds will set up

Sale dates: Sat. Nov. 16 and Sunday 17

Pick up of unsold inventory is Sunday, 5-6:30 (Sharon has asked that those of you who have product in Wares to please leave it there during the sale rather than leaving her shelves bare.) Please read the Procedures Sheet carefully. We will be jurying product as it comes in and we do not want to have to reject any. Articles must be representative of our guild work, original art created by the artist, no giclees or reproductions. There is one minor exception: we are following Wares guidelines by allowing hand-made art cards or cards that have images of original artwork done by our artists. Please make sure artwork is properly prepared for display with proper hangers, stands or other display props.

It is important that you have proper tags on each item. This is the only way we can ensure we can keep track of your inventory and see that you get paid for a sale. If you have not done this before, please note that our code letter is A (for artists), your 3 letter code should be your initials (mine is G.E.S.) the item number on your inventory sheet and the price of the item:

Code: A-GES-#1

Price: $45.00

I have attached a proposed page of tags that would supply more information about art pieces for out art patrons.

St. Albert Painters’ Guild

Supporters of the Country Craft Fair




Artist’s Code:   A-____________     Item No.:_____

Price: $______________

Contact me if you have any questions.


See Members Only - Country Craft Fair  for Tags/Instruction Brochure and registration form to be mailed to Gail Seemann

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