St. Albert Painters Guild


December 2021, this page being removed from the website. decision made by the website committee

Q1.  I am not sure if I want to join.  May I attend a meeting to learn more about the guild?

A1.  You are welcome to attend a meeting (2nd Wednesday of each month) and meet the members.  You may get more information from the Membership Coordinator or any of the Executive at the meeting.


Q2.  Who can help me to join SAPG?

A2.  Click here for the contact information for our membership administrator(s).  Please send an email to make an appointment for help.

Q3.  I am a member already.  How do I login and create a password for the first time?

A3.  In the top right of any page, you will find a “Login” button.

  Click on the “Forgot Password” link to the right of the “Login” button.

      • On the “Reset password” page enter your email address in the “* Your email” box.
      • Enter the six character code in the picture immediately below into the “* Code” box.
      • Click the submit button.

 Check your email account for an email from The St. Albert Painters Guild.

      • Click on the “Change Password” link in that email.
      • On the “Reset your password” page that appears, enter your preferred password twice.
      • Click the “Set new password” button to save your password.

 To login now, or at any time,

      • Click on the “HOME” page link on the left side of the page.
      • Enter your email address in the “Email” box in the top right of the page.
      • Enter your password in the “Password” box immediately beneath.
      • Click the “Login” button.


Q4.  Help!  I forgot my password.

A4.  Simply create a new password by following the directions in A3 above.

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