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Luise Mendler-Johnson


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  • Watercolour
  • Acrylic
  • Mixed Media
  • Drawing Media
Paintings 1 -
Title 1 -
Sky High - Acrylics
Painting 2 -
Title 2 -
Minnewanka I - acrylics
Painting 3 -
Title 3 -
Winter Light - Acrylics
Painting 4 -
Title 4 -
Dappled Apples 1 - Acrylics
Painting 5 -
Title 5 -
Late Summer Bouquet - Watercolour & Ink

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Upcoming Shows
VASA Member shows
St. Albert Painters Guild shows
St. Albert Public Library -Staff Art Exhibit (May ArtWalk)
"Truth of Form" group show, Sherwood Park, June 1-12, 2016
Guilded: A River Runs Through, St. Albert Art Gallery, Nov. 2016
VASA Corridor Gallery, Nov./Dec. 2016 (Theme: Scaling Up)
"Glorious and Free" - Canada 150 juried show at VASA Gallery - Summer 2017
Spruce Grove Allied Arts Competition 2017: Winner, 3rd Prize, Advanced Category
"Winter Landscapes" - VASA Corridor show, Nov. 2017
"Illusion 3" group show at Misericordia Hospital, Dec. 2017/Jan. 2018
"Guilded: Around the Block", St. Albert Art Gallery, Nov./Dec. 2018
"Connections" group show, Sherwood Park, June 2019
Art of the Unknown 2019
Night of Artists 2020 (postponed)
Guilded: 20/20 Vision, St. Albert Art Gallery, Nov. 2020
Drawn Home - St. Albert Art Gallery 2021
Draw! - VASA show Fall 2021
Art in the Open 2021/2022
Artist Blog
mendlerjohnsonart (Instagram)


Artist Biography
Over the years I have taken countless art classes and workshops and continuously strive to develop my artistic abilities by experimenting with new media, tools, and methods. I’ve benefited greatly from the wisdom of our excellent local art teachers, especially my long-time teacher and mentor, Sharon Moore-Foster.
Currently my main focus is on prairie landscapes in acrylics and flower sketching, as well as urban sketching, in watercolour and ink.
Artist Statement
In my compositions I strive to capture that fleeting moment when light and shadow transform an ordinary scene into something magical. Suddenly, dramatic shapes, colours, and abstract patterns are revealed. I feel most at home in the sweet spot between realism and impressionism. Colour choices and mark making are an expression of my emotional response which, I hope, will resonate with viewers of my work.
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