St. Albert Painters Guild

Workshop: Acrylic Mixed Media Painting

  • 09 Feb 2019
  • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Painter's Studio - St. Albert Place
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Acrylic Mixed Media Painting

with Justina Smith

This workshop is geared toward artists who are already comfortable working in acrylic. This is not a good course for beginners as I am not covering painting techniques or color theory.

During the course of the workshop participants will be encouraged to choose their own subject matter (architecture or landscape) to paint.
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Workshop description

I’ll be taking participants through the steps I use in my own painting process to show them how to incorporate the use of patterned papers, tissue-like papers, and colored acrylic inks into their own painting process. The use of papers and inks in addition to the paint can add a wonderful variety of detail, depth and interest to a painting. Mixing the mediums of paper, paint and ink can help solve problems of where and when to add detail and how much, and can easily add interest to large areas of negative space that might otherwise seem daunting and problematic. Adding paper and acrylic ink to a painting can also help ‘free up’ the participants painting style if they feel it needs a little loosening up. This workshop is perfect for artists willing to experiment and try new things. This particular approach to painting is very layered, so participants will have time to think of what their approach might be in each layer. This process lends itself well to both careful planning and spontaneity.


Participants need to bring:

-1 canvas (11 x 14 or similar size) (we will tone it at the beginning of the workshop.)

-1-3 photos of their choice (landscape or building) cropped to a square format (if using square canvas)



-palette knife for mixing colors

-a wide flat brush for painting a gel layer over the entire canvas (2-3 inches wide or a bit wider)



-a soft pencil (2B or 4B) or ink pen for lightly tracing or drawing a shape onto paper

-a hair dryer (to speed up the drying of gel and ink)

-apron or painting frock

-dip pen for drawing on the canvas with acrylic ink (fine tip)

-brush cleaner (in case the workshop facility has no soap or other brush cleaner)

-container for water

-paper towel

Justina will supply:

-papers (patterned and tissue-like)

-gels for gluing paper to canvas

-black liquid acrylic (for painting the outline of the subject matter onto the support)

-iron oxide liquid acrylic for toning the canvas before painting

-colored acrylic inks

-extra dip pens for participants to use if they don’t have one

-hair dryer

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