St. Albert Painters Guild

"Go with the Flow" Karen Bishop Watercolor Workshop

  • 06 Mar 2013
  • 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • St. Albert Place Painters' Studio
  • 10


Registration is closed
Karen will teach you how to "let the paint do all the hard work". With many years of painting experience, the co-owner of the Daffodil gallery still finds time to paint. Bishop states: I have learnt along the way to let the paint dictate the painting and to just let things unfold. I'll sit and look at a scene for 20 minutes sometimes-just look.... and then I'll pick up the brush and be done in 2 hours. It's a beautiful feeling when it all comes together."
Cost: $20 for SAPG members  $25 for non-members
Paper-preferably 300lb. cold pressed. 140lb. would be a real challenge because of the amount of water used, 200lb. is OK-paper (2 or 3 pieces) can be any size-tape to a board
Brushes-your favorite, include a big flat 2"
Paints- recommended-transparent and a more opaque of each of the primaries eg. lemon yellow, cadium yellow, cobalt blue and ultramarine blue, quinacradone red and cadium red, green (chromeoxide), green gold, indigo. Any of your favorites.
Additional: water container, paper towel, pencil, photo of something you'd like to paint, sketch book, felt pen, sponge, rag or towel
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